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Swiss Alps Village - Gimmelwald, Switzerland - Part II

When Catherine and I left the peak of the Schilthorn, we went halfway down the mountain to a small village called Gimmelwald.
Pictures enlarge if you click on them.

Video of Catherine in Gimmelwald. Click on the play arrow to view.

Catherine Speaks! This is Gimmelwald and here are some cows with their bells ringing!

The hillsides were covered in wildflowers.

The cows were wearing cow bells and we could hear the bells ringings as we hiked around Gimmelwald.

A small cafe near the hostel made for a restful place for a refreshment.

Outside the hostel there was a telephone booth converted to a shower.

A cheese house set on stilts to keep out the mice.
Even the water troughs were decorated with flowers.

We took the gondola back to the valley.

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