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Day Trip to San Francisco, California

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That's me pretending to board an empty San Francisco cable car.
First, on this Veterans Day weekend, a thank you to all the veterans, sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen for their service to our country.
My wife Catherine and I work and go to church in San Francisco and that's where we were today. It's nice, even on an otherwise uneventful day, to take advantage of the sights of the city.
Catherine having lunch (chicken and salmon) at the San Francisco Center.

Beard Papa

The dessert place Beard Papa is very popular in San Francisco right now. They originated in Osaka, Japan and serve cream puffs. The story, as it was told to me, is that the name came from a translation of Santa Claus from Japanese to English. What Santa Claus has to do with cream puffs, I have no idea. Anyway, this is a picture of Beard Papa's in the San Francisco Center.

Me and my pizza lunch.
Catherine and I had lunch together and as we walked around I couldn't help but notice all the Christmas decorations that are already being put up in all the stores.

Yes, that is a Christmas tree and it is only November 12th.

Catherine at Union Square.

Catherine and I needed to buy some dishes so we went up to Macy's on Union Square by walking up Powell Street, where I pretended to board a cable car in the picture at the top of this posting.

The Christmas Tree being put up at Union Square.
At Union Square the city workers were already putting up the Christmas tree.

Yes, those are Christmas decorations at Macy's San Francisco.
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