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Yellowstone National Park

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Lake Yellowstone

When Catherine and I arrive at Yellowstone National Park, for the first night, we stayed at the Grant Village Hotel in the southern part of the park. The room was a basic room and like all the hotel rooms in the park, it did not include television or internet access. We had breakfast at the Grant Village restaurant where the dining room overlooked Lake Yellowstone.

The food was good and it was a beautiful dining room at the Grant Village Restaurant.

Tower-Roosevelt Junction.

The next morning we started driving towards Lamar Valley in the Northeaster part of the park. Along the way we stopped at Tower-Roosevelt Junction.

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Tower-Roosevelt area.

When my mother sees this she will say, "Don't get so close to the edge!"

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When we left the Tower-Roosevelt area and arrive at the entrance to Hayden Valley, we saw a small herd of bighorn sheep grazing along the side of the road. The herd included ewes, lambs, and one ram.

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Photos of the bighorn sheep.

It was hard to see the ram without scaring him, but I was able to get these photos of him.

This is probably the best photo I have of the bighorn ram.

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