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Hallstatt, Austria

The pictures ENLARGE if you click on them. Until the 1890's, it was only possible to reach Hallstatt by boat or via narrow trails. Access between houses on the river bank was by boat or over the upper path, a small corridor passing through attics. The first road to Hallstatt was only built in 1890, along the west shore, partially by rock blasting. However this secluded landscape nevertheless counts as one of the first places of human settlement due to the rich sources of natural salt, which have been mined for thousands of years.
The view from our room in Hallstatt.

Ducks on the Hallstätter See (Lake Hallstatt).

Our room in Hallstatt was a basic, but comfortable room.

The pictures ENLARGE if you click on them.
Lake Hallstatt.

A Video of Hallstatt.

We had a room at the Hotel Gasthof Simony. You can see the hotel in the background of this photo.

This is the main square of Hallstatt. Catherine is standing next to the car we used on our trip through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

There is one very narrow road through Hallstatt, but it was pretty easy to navigate with the car.
The Catholic church above Hallstatt with the Saint Christopher (the patron saint of travelers) and baby Jesus.
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