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Akaka Falls State Park - Big Island Hawaii

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While Catherine and I were on the Big Island of Hawaii, we went to Akaka Falls State Park, a state park in Hawaii, located 11 miles north of the city of Hilo. It includes Akaka Falls, a 442 ft. tall waterfall.

On the way to Akaka State Park we saw this banana tree with a blossom along side of the road.

Also along the way we saw some pastures with cows.

Akaka Falls is in a rainforest on the east side of the Big Island. There is a paved walking path through the forest that leads to the waterfall.

Akaka Falls

Along the path we saw addition banana trees that were in blossom. I have seen banana trees before, but I believe this trip was the first time I saw one in bloom.

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Anonymous jean said...

Lovely photos, especially the banana tree in bloom. :)

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January 09, 2009 5:53 AM  

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