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Tokyo, Japan - Part III

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The famous dog Hachiko that I wrote about in Japan Trip Part II.

That weekend Catherine and I took a tour that included a bus trip to Mount Fujiyama (Fuji) and then a bullet train ride back to Tokyo.

Catherine and Me on Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji is the tallest volcano in Japan

Mount Fuji

That's me on Mt. Fuji.

On Mt. Fuji

The trip to Mount Fuji was a true highlight. I have wanted to go ever since I studied Japanese culture in the third grade and saw a picture of Mount Fuji. We took a bus to near the top of Fuji, but it was foggy and we couldn't see the top of the mountain. Then all at once the clouds cleared and there she was in all her snow capped beauty.

Catherine at the gardens of the Japanese Imperial Palace with plum trees blossoming in February.

The next day we went to the gardens of the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. The palace is off-limits but its grounds are open to the public. The plum trees were blooming while we were there and we enjoyed our tour. That day we also went to the Ginza district which is the shopping and entertainment district.

Catherine at the Imperial Concert Hall in the Imperial Palace gardens.
Catherine and I then flew home together and I was glad to have her with me and even though I had a great time on the trip, I was very happy to be home.
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Blogger Googleheimer said...

Great pics. I had an opportunity to stay in Tokyo on my way to the Philippines last year, but I was in a hurry so I opted for an alternate flight plan. I've been to Singapore and Hong Kong, but still haven't made that trip to Japan yet. Check me out sometime if you find yourself with a couple of free minutes.

December 17, 2006 2:28 AM  

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