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Quebec City, Canada - Part IV

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Flowers in the Place d' Arme

The street Grand Allee

The Smart Cars
Catherine and I have always liked seeing the little Smart Cars in Europe and now we found them in Quebec City!

The altar of Basilique Notre-Dame

The Basilique Notre-Dame is the oldest Christian parish north of Mexico. It has survived a history of bombardment. Parts of it, including the bell tower date from the original 1647 structure, but most of the interior is from reconstruction completed in 1771.

Catherine in Vieux Québec, the historical part of Quebec City

In the background note the Funiculaire. The Funiculaire connects Basse -Ville, the older part of Quebec City, to Haute-Ville, the part that is atop a steep cliff.

The Funiculaire tracks

View of the Saint Lawrence River from the Funiculaire

The Funiculaire car going up the tracks

Inside the Funiculaire

Inside the Funiculaire

Fortifications at the Basse -Ville

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