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New York City, New York - At Christmas - Part V

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Bloomingdale's decorated for Christmas.

All over Manhattan buildings were decorated for Christmas.
New York City street decorated for Christmas

Christmas lights in Manhattan

Roosevelt Island Tram

Catherine and I put in reservations for dinner at the Serendipity restaurant and had an hour to kill so we walked around the Upper East Side neighborhood. Unexpectedly we ran across the tram to Roosevelt Island. I had read about the tram some time ago and we decided we had time to ride it across and back and take in the city lights before dinner.

Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in the East River of New York City. It lies between the island of Manhattan to its west and the borough of Queens on Long Island to its east.

Although Roosevelt Island is located directly under the Queensboro Bridge, it is not directly accessible from the bridge itself.

In 1976, the Roosevelt Island Tramway was constructed to provide access to Midtown Manhattan.

Something I didn’t know until the next day was that on April 18, 2006, 67 passengers and 2 operators were trapped on both cable cars linking Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. No one was hurt but, they were stranded for over 6 hours. Sometimes it’s better to not know some things.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Serendipity restaurant

Desserts at the Serendipity restaurant

The meal was good, but the desserts were great at the Serendipity restaurant.

Serendipity restaurant

Catherine at the JFK Airport

While I was at work, Catherine picked up some sandwiches at a deli so we wouldn't have to eat airport food. Thanks Catherine.

JetBlue take us home

JFK Airport business people using the free wireless network

Our ride home

Takeoff as viewed on our electronic map on the JetBlue airplane

Watching one of my favorite TV shows "Jim Cramer's Mad Money" live on JetBlue

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Blogger GMG said...

Hi John,
I always have a strong sad feeling anytime I fly back from YC; However, as it happened so many times, there is always hope that it won't be long until the next departure... :))
Wish you and Catherine a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!
All the best!

December 29, 2007 9:32 AM  
Blogger GMG said...

Wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2008! With less garbage and CO2 around...

December 29, 2007 9:43 AM  

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